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About Morgan Jay


Morgan Jay is a performer based out of Los Angeles.  Originally from New Jersey, he started his career in NYC where he attended the Tisch School of the Arts.  Morgan is a skilled stand up comedian and actor who can now be seen serenading audiences with his sultry musical comedy.  He recently  performed at the 2017 SF Sketchfest.  He's also acted on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon and MTV! Check out his album on iTunes and his music videos and sketches on youtube!


Performance DateS

  • 10/25- 730 - Boobie Trap LA (6555 Hollywood Blvd)
  • 10/25- 10pm- Halloween Burlesque Show (2101 Lincoln Blvd)
  • 10/26- 8pm - Secret Sofar Show (Venice - DM for details)
  • 10/27- 8pm - Secret Sofar Show (DM for details)
  • 10/28- 8pm - EMcee Sofar Sounds (DM for Details)
  • 10/29- 930 - Big Fire Halloween Show (Lyric Hyperion Theater)
  • 11/2 - 830 - Bareburger in Santa Monica (Main Street)
  • 11/4 - 9pm - Meltdown Comicbook Store
  • 11/8 - 8pm - Scot Neery's Boobie Trap
  • 11/11- 8pm - 1221 Abbot Kinney Blvd 90291
  • 11/15- 8pm - Variety Hour at the Open Space Theater
  • 11/27- 8pm - Show in Costa Mesa (130 E 17th Street 92627)
  • 12/5 - 8pm - Show in Huntington Beach (More Info to Come)
  • 12/6 - Univeristy of North Georgia
  • 1/10 - 730 - Boobie Trap LA (6555 Hollywood Blvd)
  • 1/16 - UT Chattanooga
  • 1/17 - Tennessee Wesleyan College
  • 1/18 - Kings University (Tennessee)
  • 1/23 - Auburn University
  • 1/31 - Baker University
  • 2/7- 730 - Boobie Trap LA (6555 Hollywood Blvd)



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"Morgan Jay is the next musical comedy prodigy."

                                        Eden Golan...Music Blogger

“When I listened to Morgan Jay’s last song, it was one of the funniest moments of my life,” show attendee Ben Oved said. “I was laughing so hard it was a painful laughter. I was trying to stop, but I literally couldn’t — my stomach was squeezing inside. It was great!”

Jay, known for his sultry musical comedy, serenaded the audience with his new tune called “Dot Dot Dot,” which he correctly characterizes as “the only song about text fighting you’ll ever need to hear.”     

                                       Barbara Burker...Malibu Surfside News


"This song about Donald Trump's Hands is as hilarious as it is catchy...A musician has composed a song about Donald Trump's Hands - and it's something of a masterpiece.  

                                       Irish Examiner

"It was actually pretty good."  

                                       Most people who don't like music comedy





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